Monday, 27 July 2015

Another fun double process layout!

Hey there dear Bloggers! I'm already back! Yes!! This feels like a Scrapbooking indigestion but I'm truly loving it! Nothing like a Scrapbooking overdose to fill my holiday period! 

I'm back today with another double process video where I finished scrapping the last pictures I had printed with my canon selphy. This weekend I had to sit down and sort
through my pictures and print another bunch! Yeah!! In these layouts I had a lot of fun using the HipKit Club stuff we got in May and June.
 I am so looking forward to start receiving my kits again in October. I took a little break from the club as I said coz the kits were piling up on me and May was just so busy this year. Now I'm happy to be able to look forward to new goodies in October when fall comes in. I've been looking at what the big companies have to offer as regards new collections and I have to admit I have fallen in love with quite a few things so far!
So here I will leave you the Link for today's process video. Hope you enjoy it! See you soon! 

Friday, 24 July 2015

Summer Project 2015 More layouts!

Hey there friends, 

I'm so excited to able able to share with you my Summer a Project Book Process so far and
today I have another couple of layouts to show you. I filmed the process of the first one and am posting pics of the second one as well.

In these layouts I told the story about celebrating end of school year, the accomplishment of having been working in my school for ten years now and that's as long as I've been on Spain as well so far. I also talk about he a,axing work colleagues I have and the fact that it is thanks to them that work life becomes so much better. I just feel so blessed to be surrounded by wonderful people. 

Here are some pics and a link to the process video! I hope you are all having a great week!

See you soon with more!

Saturday, 18 July 2015

First two layouts for Summer Project 2015

Hey there!!! Hurray for holidays! I'm on the blog today to update you on my Summer Album 2015 progress.
I am sorry for the haphazard look to this post. I'm posting from my iPad and it goes bonkers every time when I try to edit and publish posts! 
So far I've done a couple of layouts but I've got loaaaads more to do! So.. Won't be chit chatting so much! I'll leave you with the pictures and I also managed to film a video process for the first layouts! Hope you enjoy it!
I started with a family picture as it was definitely the most appropriate introduction to a fun family Summer!

Process video right here! 

What came next is a picture of my daughter all ready for her
end of the year Ballet festival. 

I mainly used HipKit club
stuff to do this, May kit if I'm not mistaken. We had these gorgeous summery die cuts and papers from Citrus Twist which were just perfect for this layout!

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Fun in a box Process Video using Cliquekits

Hey there dear friends.

Here I am again already with another layout! Boy am I delighted to have a bit more time to scrap on my hands!! As promised I'm still using the gorgeous stuff Erica from Cliquekits Club sent me with a lot of beautiful paper and embellishments from Pinkfresh Studio.

This picture is of Laura when she was barely two.. Playing with a box on her head. She was just the happiest toddler you could ever imagine! I have to admit I was and still am one lucky mum. She's a bit more temperamental now, slight pre adolescent at 6 sometimes.. But she's still my beautiful smiling baby! I'm really enjoying scrapping these pictures of when she was younger. 

That's the magic of Scrapbooking. It works like a time machine. Pity Michael J Fox didn't know anything about it.. It would have saved him a lot of time and energy I'm sure! Hehe

This week I've challenged myself to detox from my iPad a bit, from Facebook and Internet and especially I've challenged myself to not use my iPad infront of my daughter at any point in the day. I am really concerned it's stealing away precious time that I can enjoy talking and playing with her. I'm on day two currently, frantically typing away at 6am before she even wakes up! A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do!

Hope you enjoy the process video and I'll be back with more soon!

Saturday, 4 July 2015

Clique kits club

Hey there scrappy friends! How everyone doing?
A few weeks ago I got one of the nicest surprises ever! I had won a paper pack on the Clique Kits Club Facebook page and had not even realized it until on month or so later! Oh the shame! I contacted Erica the owner thinking it was too late but she was sooooo nice she sent it over and I got it within a few days. And not only that! Together with the beautiful My Minds Eye paper I had won I also got a fantastic package from Clique Kits! Your have to check out what they offer right HERE.
I made a video showing you all the goodies and you can check up on it HERE.
Anyways, after these busy busy weeks I was dying to dive into these goodies and so I finally did and came up with this first layout of sweet Laura. She must have been about two in this picture.. The happiest toddler you could ever imagine. I have had no trouble with terrible twos and tantrums with this angel. She's just been sooooo good!
Erica sent me paper from the April Kit which included cute Pink Fresh studio paper and then I had a great mixture of embellishment such a watercolour die cuts, sodalicious thin wooden words etc..
So, Erica, thank you so much again for your kindness! This is the very first time I have actually won something and boy was it big!!!! Hopefully I'll dig into these goodies a bit more this week and create a few more layouts with some of Laura's older pics as the papers go deliciously well with them!
In the meantime hope you all have a GREAT week! 

I can smell the summer!! Veranito veranito!

Hello dear friends, can you smell it? Can you feel it? 
Boy I sure can! We've been suffering an awful heatwave for the last week and a half with temperatures going beyond 40 degrees! Insane! 
So, at one week from my much desired holidays I have already prepared my mega summer project which I will share with you today. For the last two years I have used the XLARGE Smash book which has been great and you can see how they turned out HERE for 2013 and HERE for 2014,  but this summer I had something else in mind which help me cut costs a little bit and personalize it the way I really like! 
So I put together a great selection on 12x12 paper and cardstock and using heavy cardboard for my covers I made my own 12x12 project book. I love working on 12x12 surfaces and this will give me the possibility to keep doing "layouts" throughout summer and have them all on the same page! 
So here is the final result! With a bit of washi tape on the edges, lots of fun embellishment from some of the amazing summer collections which came out this summer and my album is ready to go! 
Shortly I will post a video with the summer kit I have prepared to take with me!
Hope you like the idea! 

Hola amig@s que tal!? Come se nota el verano y además con esta tremenda olada de calor! Que sufrimiento!
A una semana de que empiezan mis vacaciones ya tengo preparado mi mega proyecto veraniego que os voy a enseñar hoy. Los últimos 2 años ultice los smash books XL y podéis ver el de 2013 AQUÍ y el de 2014 AQUÍ.
Este año sin embargo he cambiado el plan y he creado mi propio libro utilizando unos papeles, básicos, cartón grueso para las tapas y voila! Libro hecho! Y además de tamaño 30x30 que es el tamaño que mas me gusta! Así todo el verano voy a poder seguir haciendo layouts como me encanta hacer! También utilizó un montón de adornos de muchas colleciones chulas que han salido este verano! 
En breve os haré un vídeo el kit de material que me llevaré conmigo!
Espero que os guste la idea!!!!