Tuesday, 9 June 2015

VR to Kitty Scrapper + Process Video in English + 530 subscriber giveaway!

Hey there scrappy friends,

I can´t believe I´m sharing two videos at one go with you today.. Actually.. there´s THREE of them! 

That does NOT mean that I have time to scrap.. these last few weeks of school are just crazy busy and my scrap corner has been a little bit neglected.. My only hope is that summer holidays are right around the corner! 

So the first video is a Video response to Kitty Scrappers Tag. Her orginal video can be found right HERE and basically she came up with 7 questions for us Youtubers to answer. So HERE goes my response! Thankyou Nancy for doing this, its been so much fun to put a face to all those wonderful hands who create so much art out there!

The second video for the day is a process video in English.. yep.. its been a while since I´ve done one of those.. and maybe I am getting a bit influenced by other ladies out there but I do ramble a bit in this videos about life stuff rather than the actual layout! Sorry! The subject was a sensitive one and I got carried away! 

I used the March or April HipKit for this one.. I am not sure which one of the two kits as I get them together and I somehow can´t say which one is which! I love the Spring colours in both kits and since this was a Mother´s Day layout I felt I could be really free in my use and abuse of pastel colours and made it as sickly sweet as possible! :)

Sadly enough though I am taking a tiny little break form my kits this summer and I will be skipping the July and August kit. I still have so much to work with and I can´t justify the purchase unless I use it so I have decided to stop the kits for two months and restart my subscription in September. Kimberly the owner is so nice and understanding and made the whole porcess super easy! Way to go Kimberly you are the best.. I secretly know I´ll be crying my eyes out when the July and August kits are revealed and I´ll definitely be kicking myself for this awful decision.. but... it´s what it is... 

Hope you enjoy both videos! Good bye for now and thanks for being there. Remember I´m also doing a GIVEAWAY on my youtube channel! Feel free to particpate wherever you are from!

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