Friday, 13 March 2015

Hello there world.

How are we all this week? I´m having a weird week to say the least but coping through it. We have amazing Spring weather in Spain and I have found myself complaining of the heat at work! Insane! It´s only March! My classroom gets sunlight all morning and it turns in to an unbearable oven by the time it´s 1pm. Add 30 kids sweating and talking in class and you can bake yourself a chicken!

Today I will show you a couple of layouts I did and I also have a process video for one of them. I used my January Hip Kit to make them and am loving these kits so far. They are jam packed and come right on time. My only problem is that I have such little time to dedicate to scrapbooking lately that they are piling up and its making me feel quite nervous and uncomfortable to see so much pretty stuff and not have time to use it. I will hopefully catch up a bit with my scrapbooking ´duties´in the coming Easter holidays! Can´t wait!

So here is the first layout I did and with this I have particpated in the weekly challenge for Hip Kit Club members where we had to scraplift an idea shown by one of the designers. 

I actually enjoyed doing this a lot and it came out quite quickly compared to other layouts I have done in the past. We had to follow a recipe and use parts from a cut out sheet, a frame and other things! The pictures where taken in Italy, I posed with one of the human statues in a street in Venice and all of a sudden he moved and planted a HUGE kiss on my face! I was so taken by surprize. That´s Italian passion for you! hehe

The second layout took me a bit more time and I actually filmed it so you can see the full process video here if you click on the video link at the bottom. I used tissue paper behind the picture to add some volume and also becuase it created quite a dreamy look to the layout and coordinated perfectly with the background paper with the clouds. 

 This is another picture from my trip to Italy were I had the opportunity to meet a dear dear friend of mine and have lunch with him whilst enjoying a lovely chat. Soul inspiring I must say. I really wanted to document this day as it meant a lot to me!

And that´s all I have to share with you today! Thanks for visiing my blog!! Have a happy week! :)


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